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Education and Training for Fragrance Industry Professionals

Fragrance Training and
Education Services

Ryan Fragrance Consulting provides Fragrance Training and Education through custom classes and programs to fit your company’s needs, timing and budget.  Training is always tailored to the scope and depth that is appropriate for the group or individual.

Popular programs include:

  • Fragrance Genealogy This training is suitable for both fragrance suppliers and brands.
    Topics include fragrance terminology, fragrance families, brief history of fragrances and ingredient training.
  • Fragrance Development for Brands  This training is tailored for the fragrance developer or marketer on the brand side of the business.  However it is also beneficial for individuals who are not directly involved in the development process but require an understanding of the working relationship between a brand and a fragrance house.
    Topics include an understanding of a fragrance house and perfumery, writing an effective brief, optimizing the client – supplier relationship.
  • Fragrance Design for the Developer  This training is intended for anyone who is primarily involved in developing fragrances and working directly with perfumery.
    Topics include a complete fragrance history and ingredient origins.  Fragrance families and classification.  Understanding the olfactive brief and working effectively with perfumers. Leveraging your company’s resources such as marketing and consumer insights.